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Composition: Copper 96%, Silicon 3% and Manganese 1%

I pour my bronzes and apply the patina myself.

I like to do rediscover the artisanal manufacture of bronze, to restore the sensation, to find the aspect of raw cast iron and its imperfections

I work the bodies in their truth, to study their musculature, their internal energy, to create confrontations of force, to "martyr" the matter as time leaves its traces on the human body. I also preserve the raw cast iron, which allows the light to penetrate, to strike its crevices, so the patina is not a smooth coating, but fully reveals the sculpture

I keep the inner energy under tension, to crystallize it and sometimes I insert semi-precious stones by setting.

My attraction: that the intention animates the material, invests itself completely in it without fuss or flashy, does not turn away from the real or the human. The human should remains at the center of the work so the sculpture provokes an emotional encounter, reveal an enigma somewhere in my work, something content, secret.

Jean-Manuel Benoist

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